Safe In Starry Arms

Written by Christie Lea ~ Illustrated By Di

The debut children’s book by Bowen Island author Christie Lea and artist Di. ‘Safe in Starry Arms‘ tells the story of Nic, a young boy who is struggling with crushing anxiety. Fearing the world, Nic reluctantly joins his canine friend Obi on what turns into a beautiful journey of mind, body and spirit, as he learns to joyfully explore the universe around him.

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The Illustrations

It was my great honor to help bring this beautifully written story to life. Having struggled with anxiety since a young age I often find relief in exploring the natural world, using curiosity and discovery to help relieve my stresses.

I was inspired by my own experiences for this book and wanted to share my love for the wonders of the universe with readers young and old alike. This is my first journey into illustrating a children’s book and I loved every moment. I hope you enjoy the story that Christie Lea has so beautifully written!

Safe in Starry Arms

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