Coming this August to Sea Star Vineyards on Pender Island: a special collaboration in support of the Southern Resident Orcas! Sea Star is releasing a new sparkling wine, named after orca J35 ‘Tahlequah’, featuring my painting commissioned by Sea Star specially for this wine.

‘J35’ a new label for Sea Star Vineyards in collaboration with Raincoast Conservation Foundation


You might remember J35 back in 2018 when she lost her newborn calf, and made headlines around the world, as she carried her deceased baby on her back for over two weeks:

Tahlequah gave birth again in 2020 to her son J57 ‘Phoenix’ who is featured in this painting and is a sign of hope for the struggling population of Southern Resident Orcas.

The painting for Sea Star’s new sparkling wine features J35 and her son swimming past Pender Island on a classic west coast day. Sunlight peeks through the clouds and sparkles on calm seas in the beautiful Gulf Islands, British Columbia.

Raincoast Conservation

Sea Star’s latest environmental project aims to raise funds for the Southern Resident Killer Whale conservation program at Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Getting ready for the labels! Photo courtesy Sea Star Vineyards

Stay tuned and save the date for the upcoming wine release event at the winery on Pender Island on Saturday, August 27th. A limited run of matted prints will be available via Sea Star as well as a canvas giclee set to auction at the event. More details to come!