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MERS Online Auction

Mar 21, 2019

  This year I will be donating a 18″x24″ Limited Edition Canvas print of ‘Returning Home’ (my painting featuring two orcas cruising the Pasley Islands at sunset) to the Marine Education and Research Society Online Auction/Fundraiser. Visit the Online Auction Webpage to view all the amazing items up for bid! Auction is open March 29…

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'Polly's Cove' - Art By Di - 18"x24" - sold

‘Polly’s Cove’

Mar 19, 2019

  ‘Polly’s Cove’ 2019 – 18″x24″     Tucked away along the road from Halifax is one of the most beautiful hiking trails on the east coast of Canada. Polly’s Cove is a 3 km trail that winds through the coastal barrens of Nova Scotia, traversing glaciated granite rock and emerging at a secluded cove…

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'Porter' 2018 - Art By Di - 24"x24"


Jan 25, 2019

  ‘Porter’ 2018 – 24″x24″   This was an extra special commission and one that was heavy on my heart. The lovely Lady Porter Marmalade relaxing in Pemberton, BC, watching over Riva ( Riva Mireille Fisher – 1991 -2017 ). Rudbeckia flowers in the fields and Mt. Currie in the background.     ‘Porter’ 2018…

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Arbutus Island Sunset - Art By Di - 2018 - 20"x20"

‘Arbutus Island Sunset’

Dec 28, 2018

  ‘Arbutus Island Sunset‘ – 2018 – 20″x20″ – acrylic on canvas     Located in the Pasley Islands, BC, Arbutus Island is (in my opinion) one of the most perfect little islands in Howe Sound. Tucked away alongside Hermit and protected from the harsh southwestern surf Arbutus is connected to the larger island at…

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2018 Paintings Sold

Dec 28, 2018

  What an amazing year!! Thank you to everyone who helped make 2018 my best ever. I am very excited to share with you some awesome projects on the drawing board for next year- stay tuned! Wishing everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2019 🙂     Original Paintings Sold in…

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'Settling In' - Di - 2018 - 24"x36" - $1650 + tax

FCA Active Members Exhibition 2019

Dec 28, 2018

Federation of Canadian Artists “Active Members Exhibition” Jan 8th 2019 – Jan 20th 2019 1241 Cartwright Street (Granville Island), Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B7   My painting ‘Settling In’ has been selected to be part of the 2019 Active Members Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artist’s Gallery on Granville Island!  The show will run from…

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'Popham Island' - Di - 2018 - 16"x16" - Acrylic on canvas - $550 + tax

‘Popham Island’

Nov 21, 2018

‘Popham Island’ 2018 Located in beautiful Howe Sound, BC, Popham is the most westerly of the 7 main Pasley Islands. Popham has an area of approximately 90 acres and an elevation of 58 meteres. In 1860 it was named by Captian George Richards (whom also named many other locations in Howe Sound) and it is assumed that the island…

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‘Calmer Waters’

Nov 3, 2018

    The seas are calm on this misty day of winter in the Pacific Northwest. The glassy waters reflect soothing shades of grey from the sky as clouds float in from the west. A light drizzle of rain refreshes the air. It silently passes by to become mist on the mountains of Howe Sound.…

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Squamish Valley Sunrise I

West Coast Landscape Art

Oct 27, 2018

  Beauty of nature is the key inspiration behind my contemporary west coast acrylic paintings. With a focus on light, color and movement I seek to reduce the endless detail of life into simple form and palette, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill in details of time and place. I see myself as a filter;…

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‘Wild Art’ – The Beacon

Sep 13, 2018

  “Wild Art and the lonely mastodon on Bowen Island” By Elspeth Bradbury Full Article in the West Vancouver Beacon: https://www.westvanbeacon.ca/     The American Mastodon became extinct around twelve thousand years ago, but somewhere in the forests of Bowen Island, a life-size sculpture stands as a memorial to this once mighty creature. The sculptor,…

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'Returning Home' - Di - 2017 - 48"x36" - (sold)

‘Returning Home’

Jul 12, 2018

  A dusky evening in the Pasleys sets the scene as colors start fading to dark. If you are lucky enough to cruise west past Worlcombe Island look to the north and if the atmosphere is just right you will get a clear view straight up Howe Sound to Mt. Garibaldi. It is one of…

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'Standing Still' - Di - 2018 - 18"x36" - (sold)

‘Standing Still’

Jul 11, 2018

  The majestic Great Blue Heron is the largest heron species in North America and ranges along the Pacific Coast, from the regions of Prince William Sound in Alaska to Puget Sound in Washington State. Estimates suggest Canadian populations of nesting adult herons include about 4,000-5,000 individuals. They live year-round on the BC coast and…

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