‘Calmer Waters’

    The seas are calm on this misty day of winter in the Pacific Northwest. The glassy waters reflect soothing shades of grey from the sky as clouds float in from the west. A light drizzle of rain refreshes the air. It silently passes by to become mist on…

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West Coast Landscape Art

Squamish Valley Sunrise I

  Beauty of nature is the key inspiration behind my contemporary west coast acrylic paintings. With a focus on light, color and movement I seek to reduce the endless detail of life into simple form and palette, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill in details of time and place. I…

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‘Wild Art’ – The Beacon

  “Wild Art and the lonely mastodon on Bowen Island” By Elspeth Bradbury Full Article in the West Vancouver Beacon: https://www.westvanbeacon.ca/     The American Mastodon became extinct around twelve thousand years ago, but somewhere in the forests of Bowen Island, a life-size sculpture stands as a memorial to this…

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‘Returning Home’

'Returning Home' - Di - 2017 - 48"x36" - (sold)

  A dusky evening in the Pasleys sets the scene as colors start fading to dark. If you are lucky enough to cruise west past Worlcombe Island look to the north and if the atmosphere is just right you will get a clear view straight up Howe Sound to Mt.…

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‘Standing Still’

'Standing Still' - Di - 2018 - 18"x36" - (sold)

  The majestic Great Blue Heron is the largest heron species in North America and ranges along the Pacific Coast, from the regions of Prince William Sound in Alaska to Puget Sound in Washington State. Estimates suggest Canadian populations of nesting adult herons include about 4,000-5,000 individuals. They live year-round…

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'Stonecrop' - Di - 2018 - 48"x36" - (sold)

  The mountain goat, also known as the Rocky Mountain goat, is an even-toed ungulate of the group that includes antelopes, gazelles, and cattle. A subalpine to alpine species, the mountain goat inhabits the Rocky Mountain and Cascade Range and other mountainous regions of the Western Cordillera of North America.…

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‘Settling In’

'Settling In' - Di - 2018 - 24"x36" - $1650 + tax

  Calming blue waters at dusk, in the quiet colorful moments before the sun disappears entirely. Vancouver Island rests in the distance with her many mountains fading into the west. British Columbia’s rocky coastline is dotted by tiny islets that serve as a haven for seabirds like the Cormorants. Phalacrocoracidae…

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‘Golden Grizzly’

'Golden Grizzly' - Di - 2018 - 36"x36" - (sold)

  The raw power and immense size of The Grizzly Bear is an experience best had from a great distance, or, as in this case, through art. Weighing up to 270 kg and with a bite force of 1200 psi an adult grizzly could easily bite through a cast iron…

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‘Running Wild’

'Running Wild' - Di - 2018 - 18"x36" - (sold)

  Kelp forests are classified as major habitats integral to the health of BC’s marine ecosystem and serve as the home for a large food web of fish and invertebrates. The Bullwhip kelp grows in cold ocean water from Northern California to Southern Alaska, usually in areas with strong currents…

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‘Copper Cove’

'Copper Cove' Di 2018 - 60"x36" - (sold)

An iconic scene to us islanders, the expansive Howe Sound views from Copper Cove beach in West Vancouver mirror those seen from the ferry en route to Bowen Island from Horseshoe Bay. In my largest painting yet I wanted to portray a scene that needed a large canvas. Howe Sound was…

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