‘Polly’s Cove’ 2019 – 18″x24″


'Polly's Cove' - Art By Di - 18"x24" - sold


Tucked away along the road from Halifax is one of the most beautiful hiking trails on the east coast of Canada. Polly’s Cove is a 3 km trail that winds through the coastal barrens of Nova Scotia, traversing glaciated granite rock and emerging at a secluded cove protected by tiny islands.

The area is host to a wide array of flora and fauna, including bog-loving carnivorous pitcher plants (Sarracenia purpurea), Sundews (Drosera sp.) and tiny wild orchids (Calopogon sp.). The low-growing plants affix themselves wherever they can take hold against the smooth rocks, creating unique patterns that flow alongside the coast. Boulders balance in the strangest spots- giant pebbles dropped by glaciers during the last ice age. Arguably one of the most beautiful and otherworldly landscapes in Canada.

We hiked this trail in 2017 and the uniqueness of the place has stuck with me ever since. I am honored to have been able to create this commission for a dear friend from BC now living in Halifax, merging her new love for the East Coast with some West Coast style!


'Polly's Cove' 2019 Art By Di


‘Polly’s Cove’ 2019 – 18″x24″ – acrylic on canvas – UVLS Polymer Varnish – (sold)


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