Puzzle Lab’s new ‘Puzzle with a Purpose’ featuring my painting Rise!

I am thrilled to announce ‘Rise’ has been selected by Puzzle Lab for their new ‘Puzzle with a Purpose!’ $20 from the sale of each puzzle is donated to Raincoast Conservation Initiative, working to protect and safeguard species and ecosystems in BC.

These beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzles merge technology, art, nature, and are made locally by a small family run business in Victoria, BC. They are heirloom-quality, made from a UV laminated print on 1/4″ 5-ply baltic birch.

This uniquely challenging wood jigsaw puzzle composed of just over 200 identical orca-shaped pieces seamlessly tiled in an Escher-style tessellation pattern. Puzzle Lab’s resident mad scientist Andrew has devised a clever new cut pattern for this unique puzzle!

Shop this puzzle on PuzzleLab’s website (link below!)

$100 + tax and shipping with $20 donated to Raincoast Conservation Initiative