This 6 piece milk, dark and white chocolate assortment contains a selection of mini creams, a mini bar, Empress Square and 2 chocolate covered almonds.

Artist: Art By Di

Power. Majesty. Connection. The Grizzly Bear captivates us, terrifies us, and connects us to the intricate web of life that exists here in Atl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound. Grizzlies are central to the functioning of healthy ecosystems; the regulation of disease, the maintenance of biodiversity, and the recycling/recirculating of nutrients throughout the forest. The coast of British Columbia offers the Grizzly a rich and diverse diet centered on large amounts of fatty salmon. During the summer months (when the salmon is not running) Grizzlies can be found foraging shorelines in search of supplemental foodstuffs- Mussels, Clams, Oysters, Sea Stars, Crabs, Urchin and Herring Roe.

Rogers’ Chocolates is proudly committed to sustainable, certified cocoa. As part of our Cultivate Better™ Cocoa initiative, we invest directly into programs that empower prospering farmers, inspire thriving communities and encourage environmental preservation.