Art and Conservation

My love for nature started very early. Growing up in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, I was exposed to life on the fringe of the city. We often had racoon, skunk, deer, black bear and coyote make their way down off the mountain and into our lives. I would collect snails in the garden and shore crabs at the beach, marvel at the Canadian wilderness on family road trips and be thrilled by nature shows on TV. I remember the joy and comfort the natural world brought to me. I remember the sadness felt when a young bear was euthanized after finding food in neighborhood garbage cans. Immediately I set out with bear awareness posters that I made on my parents computer. The hope was that a little education would help us live alongside wildlife instead of against it.

Me and Tyto the ambassador barn owl, circa 2009

It wasn’t until I was older that I became more involved with nature conservation and education. I have fond memories of volunteering at the Cheakamus Center (formerly North Vancouver Outdoor School), Vancouver Aquarium and Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.

The ‘Art of Conservation’ 2018 (sculpture by Guthrie Gloag)

When I started painting in 2012 I knew in my heart that sharing my love for nature was what I wanted to do. Here I was presented with the opportunity to create a visual narrative of nature on the coast. And also to help support the wildlife and ecosystems that inspire me as an artist. Art has the unique power to share beauty and emotion that words might not be able to communicate. It speaks differently to each one of us, drawing on our own experiences to help tell the story.

BC Children’s Hospital Mural – inspired by the alpine wilderness of British Columba (photo by Raef Grohne)

'Golden Grizzly' - Di - 2018 - 36"x36" - (sold)

I hope that my art inspires you in some way. Perhaps to see the beauty that surrounds us in nature, to see the value that beauty holds, or to help protect it for wildlife and our future generations. Below are just a few organizations my art has helped support so far and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Conservation initiatives donated to 2018-2019

Happening now! $10 from the sale of each archival matted print ‘Herring and Bladderwrack’ will be donated to Pacific Wild’s Protect Pacific Herring campaign.

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Check back soon to find more information about projects such as The Art of Conservation and how you can help get involved with conservation initiatives in BC and abroad!

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