New Painting!

‘Island Hopping’ 24″x30″ 2022 Di ~ acrylic on canvas

Cruising towards the Pasley Islands at sunset, a pair of orca surface for a quick breath. A66 ‘Surf’ and his mother A42 ‘Sonora’ scout Collingwood Channel off the southwest shore of Bowen Island.

Island Hopping 2022 Di acrylic on canvas

They are members of the Northern Resident Killer Whales, an ecotype of Orca that live mostly around the northern part of Vancouver Island and the Broughton Archipelago. Twice now I have met this group off the coast of Bowen, in January of separate years, when they seem to venture south for a short time.

The closest I have ever been to an Orca was with Sonora and her family, as they passed me by only feet from shore. I often wonder if they saw me, and could they possibly know that that moment will be gracing my paintings for years to come.

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