With Bob Turner

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I’ve been thinking lots lately about the interconnectedness of everything. About how impact to one species or place can have ripple effects that stretch to seemingly unrelated environments. And this amazing web is none more apparent than in Alt’ka7tsem/Howe Sound, where the tops of the mountains are connected to the depths of the ocean by delicate strings of life.

Eelgrass, photo Bob Turner 2020

We get a taste of that connectedness in one of Bob Turner’s wonderful videos about Howe Sound: the Mannion Bay Estuary. Having been altered by more than a century of settler activity this does not look like a classic estuary- but join Bob as he dives deep (and shallow!) into the life of one of Bowen’s most popular destinations.

I will be exploring more about eelgrass and it’s importance to shoreline ecosystems and life as a whole in Alt’ka7tsem during my upcoming exhibition on Bowen Island next July. Stay tuned for details!

Special thanks to Bob Turner for creating and sharing this video, and to Sea Change Marine for their tremendous work helping to clean up and recover marine ecosystems, including eelgrass beds, here in Alt’ka7tsem.

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