12″x36″ – 2020 – acrylic on canvas

Floating along the south coast of Bowen at sunset. Cape Roger Curtis, land of rocky bluffs and wind-swept trees. In the moments just before dark, as the sun gives its last golden kiss until morning, the sea is suddenly calm. The noise of the birds and power of the ocean have waned. It is a quiet and tranquility that I have been striving to capture on canvas for the last 7 years. All my senses then alive with awareness now packaged into a brief two-dimensional moment. I have not yet succeeded.   

The beauty of Howe Sound lies partly in its layers. Everywhere you look there are land masses fading into the distance. Even on the southern edge, seemingly surrounded by open sea, Howe Sound is protected by Vancouver Island in the distance. At last light these landforms glow against the setting sun. You can see clearly the defined layers of mountains stretching towards the west, the continent’s last line of defense against the strength of the Pacific Ocean.

This tall, narrow painting is a study for future board designs. The long format is needed to give enough space for the rippling reflection in the water and fit onto both short or long boards. I had a lot of fun creating this one and look forward to applying it onto a board!

‘Cape Sunset’ 2020 – 12″x36″ – acrylic on canvas – UV varnish – $864 + tax (sale pending)

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