The Art of Conservation 2018 Exhibition


July 11 – Aug 13 –> The Gallery at Cove Commons, Bowen Island


Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation

Many years ago Guthrie and I had the wild idea to bring our immensely different art styles together. We desired to use our art to share love for the wildlife and natural landscapes that we deeply revere. Both growing up in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, and attending the same high school (but not knowing each other at the time!) it wasn’t until we moved to Bowen Island that a connection was formed and the dream was born.

Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation Guthrie’s raw, natural driftwood sculptures stand powerful against my colorful acrylic pieces. Lines seem to flow in and out connecting everything together, much like the intricate web of nature connecting all things wild.

In recent years my art has played with the calming and serene landscapes and seascapes of Howe Sound but for this show I could not resist the chance to explore more of the stunning animals that also call this place home.

‘Gloag’s life sized sculptures of coastal animals are inspired by encounters he’s had working in the field of biology and in his own explorations of the mountains and coastlines of B.C. He hopes that viewers experience an echo of what he felt seeing these animals. You may have stumbled upon his larger work – the elusive mastodon – an animal he had to create to be able to see in the wild.’

Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation

Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation The Art of Conservation is a show that is intended to highlight the awe-inspiring nature and animals that live around (and sometimes alongside) us on British Columbia’s beautiful west coast. Some of the landscapes and wildlife featured in the show are threatened- from climate change, human encroachment, pollution and diminishing food supplies. However some are thriving with populations recovering where they once struggled. Those are the reasons for hope, a reminder that it is not too late to make a difference in the lives of these and countless other species on our coast.

For this show we wanted to go a step beyond inspiring awe and promoting awareness; we decided to support two amazing organizations working tirelessly to educate, research and take action towards wildlife conservation on BC’s coast. 10% of Di’s original artwork sales will benefit Pacific Wild’s GBEAR Project and 10% of Guthrie’s original artwork and print sales will be pledged to Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Both organizations have field offices on Denny Island in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation

We chose Bowen Island for our first joint show because we have been heavily inspired by the beautiful island we call home and wanted to share our art with the community we love. Guthrie’s intricate life-size sculptures and my large canvases are difficult to capture with the camera and really need to be appreciated in person! If you happen to be on Bowen Island stop by the Gallery located just off the ferry at Cove Commons next to the Library. Our “Opening Party” is happening this Saturday July 14th from 6-8pm, hope to see you there! 🙂

Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation


The Art of Conservation

Di & Guthrie Gloag

July 11 – Aug 13 2018

The Gallery @ Cove Commons – 430 Bowen Island Trunk Road – Wednesday to Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

(604) 947-2454


Art By Di & Guthrie Gloag - The Art of Conservation

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