Last Light Over Worlcombe

2018 – 24″x24″ – Acrylic on canvas – $950

Art By Di - Last Light Over Worlcombe

It’s after the sun has slipped below the horizon that the magic begins in the Salish Sea. The layers are almost uncountable: from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in the distance, to the Sunshine Coast and numerous Pasley Islands surrounding the lovely little Worlcombe.

Art By Di - Last Light Over Worlcome Covered in Douglas Fir and Arbutus Trees and skirted by a weathered rocky shoreline the island is a haven for sea birds such as gulls, cormorants, geese and ducks. At this time of day activity winds down as the birds settle in for the night. Oystercatchers can be heard twittering in the summer months and if you are very quiet and very lucky you might hear a Humpback Whale breathing in the distance.

The calming blues and golden highlights rippling in the water add to the sensory feast of beauty and wildness. It’s natures lullaby, providing you with everything you will need to drift off into a restful sleep on British Columbia’s wild west coast.

Art By Di - Last Light Over Worlcome


Treated with two coats of UVLS Polymer Varnish

For more information or to view the painting please contact the Catching Stars Gallery


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