Squamish Valley Sunrise I

30″ x 30″ – 2017 – Acrylic on Canvas


Perched above the glaciated Squamish Valley in Southwestern British Columbia rests Mt. Garibaldi: a potentially active stratovolcano created atop a glacier during the Pleistocene. The eroded dome rests silently amongst the southernmost Coast Mountains, bordering the famous Sea to Sky corridor which stretches from West Vancouver to Whistler and the Pemberton Valley. Well known as an iconic peak in the corridor Mt. Garibaldi is also known as Nch’kay to the indigenous Squamish People.


Following similar themes and colors in my last painting Autumn Emanation, Squamish Valley Sunrise I captures Garibaldi at dawn on a foggy Autumn morning. This painting explores forests of Douglas Fir and golden Alder dancing illuminated in the Squamish River below. Short yet powerful, the river flows from the Pemberton Icefield to the head of Howe Sound, British Columbia’s southernmost glacial fjord. Winding through the forested valley floor the river carries abundant salmon inland attracting wildlife such as eagles, bears and even saltwater seals, giving life to the rich beauty and diversity found in the valley.


This painting is created on a 1.5″ deep canvas with gallery wrap and coated with a gloss UVLS protective polymer varnish.


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