Autumn Emanation
acrylic on canvas
noun: emanation; plural noun: emanations
  1. an abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source

My intention with this painting was to capture the feel of Autumn in the mountains: cool colors and crisp fog in the valleys, a low sun rising against the snow capped peaks, morning warmth radiating off the sun kissed golden trees. I set the scene in the foothills of the Cascades in Western Washington State, a place where coastal mountains rise quickly up from the sea and fog is a common sight on cool mornings.

Mt. Baker, an active glaciated stratovolcano, reigns in the distance, overlooking the surrounding hills and valleys of much of Northwestern Washington and Southern BC. Western Hemlock habitat abounds in the Puget Trough and North Cascades Eco-regions where the thick forests of coniferous trees are intersected by tracts of Big Leaf Maple and Red Alder, often growing alongside a river bank or old clear cut. Every fall these deciduous trees undergo a stunning transformation as they shed their leaves in preparation for the coming winter.




This painting is the first in a series exploring the use of wavy lines in the trees to highlight the texture of the leaves. By playing with the exaggeration of the lines and tones I can achieve complex forms or smooth transitions. The foreground fields of drying grasses are solid and blocky, conveying subtle rolling hills. I had a lot of fun playing with the light in this one. I think the trees turned out better than I expected- it has definitely sparked a desire for more experimentation! There will be two more paintings in this series using a similar color palette but different location- stay tuned!


aa1  aa2

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