BCCH Mural Selected


The results are in! The mural selected for the BC Children’s Hospital Teck Acute Care Center Procedure Room 7.02 East is…

BC Alpine!!


BC Alpine Scene Conceptual Design, Di 2016

I drafted two concept designs: the first a 360 degree view of southern BC shoreline with inter-tidal zone, the Straight of Georgia and Howe Sound islands, coastal arbutus and fern forest. The second is a BC Alpine mountain scene with glacial lake, wildflower meadows and old growth pine forest. Both designs are loaded with native wildlife; everything from tiny birds and rodents to large bears and orcas. Floor 7 (Medical/Surgical Inpatient) is following a forest Wayfinding theme therefore for both designs I brought in ample forest life, and because water is a calming element I wanted to include the rippling ocean and lake.

bcalpine_sample2 bcalpine_sample3

After meetings with BC Children’s Hospital patients and siblings the BC Alpine concept was selected. I absolutely love both concepts! I am very happy with the choice and extremely excited to begin work on this project. Some wildlife I will be including are grizzly bear mother and cubs, mountain goats, a family of grey wolves, bighorn sheep, a family of Pika, Canadian moose, bald eagles, grey jays and more!

But coastal concept fans stay tuned…. there might be a surprise in store for the BC shoreline scene! 😉


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