I am super excited to announce that I am a successful applicant in the BC Children’s Hospital Call for Artists and have been asked to create a 360 degree mural for the new Teck Acute Care Center! children272The mural will be located in a Procedure Room where children ages 0-17 will benefit from visual distraction and a calming environment while undergoing various treatments. To be able to use my skills and creativity as an artist to help reduce anxiety and bring joy to seriously ill or injured children fills me with a sense of happiness that words cannot describe.

Back in March 2016 the hospital made a Canada-wide Call for Artists to create 400 unique pieces of artwork that will help realize the vision of the Children’s Healing Experience Project; an initiative in which art is used to help invoke a message of hope and healing and to make the hospital a less traumatic place for children. The art can take various forms: from sculpture to murals; ceiling paintings, art prints, original paintings and more. I applied to several categories and am honored and humbled to have been selected to create a mural.


My love for animals and the natural environment will play a large role in the artwork and a goal is to make the mural not only visually appealing but educational too. The mural will be located on floor 7 and will follow a Forest Wayfinding Theme therefore I propose one of two scenes for the room: the first a coastal BC shoreline scene reflecting an Arbutus/Douglas Fir habitat with a view over Howe Sound. It will showcase coastal forest tree species and animals such as black tail deer, black bears, owls and sea birds. There will also be a variety of sea life such as orcas, seals and harbour porpoise. The second design concept is a BC Alpine/Mountain scene with higher elevation pine forest, glacial lake, alpine meadow and animals species such as grizzly bear, moose, wolves, pika, grouse and a variety of birds. I honestly cannot decide which I like more, I would do both if I could!


For more information on the Children’s Healing Experience Project:

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  1. Irene mandzuk on 11/07/2016 at 9:13 pm

    Congratulations Di! The vision for your mural sounds wonderful,

  2. David Podmore on 12/07/2016 at 9:15 am

    Congratulations ! Can’t wait to see the completed work which will brighten to lives of patients and their families at BC Children’s Hospital ( Dave Podmore, Chair, BC Children’s Hospital, and a Bowen Islander for 60 years ! )

  3. Kriss Boggild on 30/07/2016 at 7:54 pm

    Hi Di, I ma a painter living on Mayne Island and In Vancouver. If you need painting help with this large and wonderful project, please let me know. I would be happy to volunteer some hours to help you realize your wonderful vision.

  4. Debbie Jiang on 31/05/2021 at 10:17 pm

    Amazing murals! I had seen some of your art at the Teck Acute wing two years ago but didn’t realize it was YOU! Love how soothing it is to walk in the spaces where your art lives and spreads calm among children, parents and staff!

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