Bowen Break
acrylic on canvas

It’s a beautiful day on the west side of Bowen Island. The view of Georgia Straight beckons: skies are clear, a calm breeze strokes the trees and waves ripple on the shore. The smooth pebbles beneath your feet could remind you of Tunstall Bay, Bowen Bay or Crayola Beach. Vancouver Island rests faintly in the background and the Paisleys draw your gaze as smooth waves arrive methodologically, breaking in time as if the ocean itself was breathing. Such is the inspiration behind ‘Bowen Break’, the first in a series of shoreline paintings.



It was my goal to capture the moment a calm west coast wave laps the shoreline and lulls you into peace and serenity. Mid-break the wave pauses to reveal joy and playfulness as it completes its journey towards the shore. Second to the wave the most prominent feature on this painting is the smooth beach stones. The beaches of Bowen Island are comprised of water-worn stones typical of the Sea to Sky corridor and I decided to feature four of the most common: granite, basaltic andesite, greenstone and ryholite. On your next visit to the beach turn your attention to your feet and see if you can identify them!


bowenbreak1_small     bowenbreak6_small

Bowen Break was created using Golden Acrylics on a 30″ x 48″ pre-stretched 1.5″ deep canvas with gallery wrap and finished with two coats of UVLS gloss varnish. The varnish is an ideal protector against damage from UV rays as well as facilitates removal of dust and debris, and although acrylic paint is extremely durable, I highly recommend a varnish to ensure longevity for all my paintings.


Bowen Break will be for sale at the Bowen Island Arts Council’s Our Sea to Sky Show running from July 20th – August 14th at The Gallery at Artisan Square on Bowen Island.


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