Arrival At Dusk
acrylic on canvas


Maybe they had a late start to their day, or there was traffic over Georgia Straight, or they lost their way (unlikely). Whatever the case the geese are touching down after sunset on this cool spring evening. The stillness of dusk has begun to set in yet the water is stirring with anticipation of the season to come, and relief that the winter is behind us. The scene is familiar to the west side of Bowen Island: small islets (inspired by Arbutus Island) with Keats and the Sunshine Coast in behind.

An exciting new element on this painting is the geese, which add movement and fluidity to the skyline. They are also a timely reminder that Bowen is a welcome sanctuary after a long winter.


Arrival At Dusk is my latest painting in a series inspired by calm, cool sunsets. It is 30″ x 30″ and painted using acrylic on stretched 1.5″ deep canvas with gallery wrap and finished with a UV resistant gloss varnish. Please contact me for pricing or if you have any questions regarding this piece!


arrivalatdusk3    arrivalatdusk4



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